Replacement HP Presario G62 593553-001 Battery

– Condition: Brand New
– Battery Type :Li-Ion
– Voltage :11.1
– Capacity:4400 Mah
– Brand: Unbranded ,Oem

Compatible HP Models:
G6-1000, G6-1000Sa, G6-1002Sg, G6-1003Tx, G6-1004Sa, G6-1005Tu, G6-1006Tu, G6-1008Tx, G6-1009Ea, G6-1009Sa, G7-1000, G7-1000Eg, G7-1000Sa, G7-1000Sg, G7-1001Eg, G7-1001Sg, G7-1001Xx, G7-1002Sg, G7-1003Eg, G7-1004Eg, G7.

Compatible Part Numbers:
586006-321, 586006-361, 586006-741, 586028-341, 588178-141, 588178-541, 593553-001, 593554-001, Hp Mu06, Hp Mu09, Hstnn-Cbow, Hstnn-Cbox, Hstnn-Cbox(U), Hstnn-Db0Q, Hstnn-F01C, Hstnn-F02C, Hstnn-I78C, Hstnn-I79C, Hstnn-I81C, Hstnn-I83C, Hstnn-I84C, Hstnn-Ib0N, Hstnn-Ib0X, Hstnn-Ib1E, Hstnn-Ob0X, Hstnn-Ob0Y, Hstnn- Q47C, Hstnn-Q49C, Hstnn-Q50C, Hstnn-Q51C, Hstnn-Q60C, Hstnn-Q61C, Hstnn-Q62C, Hstnn-Q63C, Hstnn-Q64C, Hstnn-Ub1E, Hstnn-Ubox, Hstnn-Yb0X, Nbp6A174, Nbp6A174B1, Nbp6A175, Nbp6A175B1, Wd548Aa, Wd548Aa#Abb, Wd549Aa Wd549Aa#Abb.


Replacement HP Presario G62 593553-001 Battery
Volume: 1120.88 cc.
Warranty: Limited (6 months).


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