Dell Latitude D620 D630 PC764 Laptop Battery

– Condition: Brand New.
– Battery type: Li-ion.
– Voltage: 10.8V/ 11.1V.
– Capacity: 4400 mAH.
– Brand: IT Paradise.

Compatible Models:
Dell Latitude D620, Dell Latitude D630, Dell Latitude D630C, Dell Latitude D630N, Dell Latitude D631, Dell Latitude D640

Compatible Part Numbers:
GD775, GD776, GD785, GD787, JD605, JD606, JD610, JD616, JD617, JD634, JD648, JD775, KD489, KD491, KD492, KD494, KD495, KD496, KP423, PC764, PC765, PD685, RC126, RD300, RD301, UD088, UG260, 312-0383, 312-0384, 312-0386, 312-0445, 312-0653, 312-0654, 451-10297, 451-10298, 451-10299, 451-103650GD775, 0GD787, 0JD605, 0JD606, 0JD610, 0JD616, 0JD634, 0JD648, 0KD489, 0KD491, 0KD494, 0KD495, 0PD685, 0RD300, 0RD301, 0UD088, 0UG260, 0NT367,TD116, TD117, TD175, TG226, TC030, 0TC030, 0TD116, 0TD117, 0TD175, 0TG226, HX345,MJ456, NT379, 310-9080, 310-9081.


Dell Latitude D620 D630 PC764 Laptop Battery
Warranty: Limited (6 months).


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